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Mission Statement

The Southern African Housing Foundation, a private sector initiative, is the catalyst for networking, conferencing and workshops for Africa, bringing housing professionals together and supporting the development of sustainable communities.


The SAHF aims to promote, facilitate, monitor and evaluate the creation of sustainable housing environments by housing practitioners and contribute to housing policy debates and policy formulation. The SAHF offers a wide range of services for the Public and Private Sector, namely International Conferences, Workshops, Education and Training programmes, Study Tours and International Employment Exchange Programmes.

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The Foundation is actively involved in information dissemination through monthly electronic publications and the recognition of excellence through its Annual Awards and Bursary Prizes. The SAHF promotes the science and art of housing by creating international ties and contacts throughout the world.


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John Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer, holds a Masters degree in Engineering Management from the University of Cape Town, specialising in Urban Management. He has 30 years experience in the field of housing development and is well known for his initiation of self help projects throughout South Africa. He has presented numerous papers on housing at international conferences.




The SAHF has formal links with:

NAHRO logo National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials
United States of America
CIH Logo Chartered Institute of Housing
United Kingdom
PGWC Human Settlements Provincial Government of the Western Cape
Department of Human Settlements
HWA HWA HSIA Institute of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
Namibian Flag Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing
and Rural Development;  Republic of Namibia